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My husband Chuck and I began keeping bees in 2008, this after purchasing our home in Mitchells Corners. We purchased 2 hives and fell in love with beekeeping. Our passion for beekeeping has grown over the years. We recognize that we are stewards of the bees in our care and we are responsible to do our very best to ensure they are well cared for. We ensure they are left with enough honey to survive our harsh winters. The honey our bees produce comes from the local floral sources in our area. We love seeing the different colours of pollen they bring back to the hive, and are amazed by the varieties of tastes the honey has. But I think the most amazing thing about beekeeping is just siting beside a hive, watching and listening to these amazing insects coming and going. Our honey is pure, raw, and unpasteurized. We take great pride in keeping the honey as it was meant to be, pure, and unadulterated. We are proud members of the Ontario Beekeepers Association and the Durham Region Beekeepers Association. We enjoy sharing our passion with others, be it teaching at local schools or attending local events when invited to do so. Our passion continues to be doing the very best to provide our bees with a healthy naturalized environment in which to thrive.

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