Debby's Garden

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“Nurturing the plants from seed to bloom is pure pleasure,” says Debby as she discusses her 2 acre flower garden. For over 20 years Debby has been cultivating familiar favourites such as Peonies, Sunflowers and some 25 varieties of Day Lilies, along with interesting, less-known species, such as the currently popular Celosia. Brides-to-Be are welcomed to the Garden to select their wedding bouquet flowers and Debby regularly creates other special occasion arrangements for her customers. Whether it’s the joy that Sunflowers ignite, the memories that Peonies evoke, or the tranquility that Lilies represent, Debby Dubeau is happy to share the beauty and benefits of her flowers.

NameDebby Dubeau
Address1772 Fralick Rd
Minesing, ON L9X 1B8
Sell at FarmgateYes
Pick-Your-Own OfferedNo
Products SoldCut flowers, bouquets, special occasion arrangements, perennial plants, pumpkins, winter squash
Other Markets Where We SellBarrie Farmers' Market
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