Arc Acres

Member since 2017

Arc Acres is a 4th generation family farm 15 minutes south of Ottawa. Amber practices sustainable agriculture through organic, biodynamic and permaculture methods. She aims to achieve the highest quality food and food systems while regenerating the ecosystem by building soil fertility. Amber is committed to raising the highest quality grass fed beef though holistic farming. She aims to regenerate life back into soils and water into aquifers by practicing intensive rotational grazing that benefits the land, cattle and local community. Cattle have unlimited access to high quality forages of diverse varieties, minerals including kelp, clean water, sunshine and fresh air, while growing at a natural pace. By allowing cattle to be within natural habitats, they are healthy animals and we have nutrient rich food.

NameAmber Payne
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Products SoldGrass fed beef, vegetables, edible flowers, mushrooms
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