Tips and info to help you run a successful market

Below are some resources for anyone running or thinking of starting a farmers’ market. FMO members get access to a wide range of additional resources, advice and tips.

Market Vendor Certification Webinars

Farmers’ Markets Ontario® is proud to offer the Ontario Market Vendor Certification Program, the first of its kind in Ontario. This professional development course, conceived by Farmers’ Markets Ontario, is available to any vendor who sells at any Farmers’ Market in Ontario.

Market Manager Certification Webinars

The Ontario Market Manager Certification Program is the first of its kind: a professional development course conceived by Farmers’ Markets Ontario and developed with Michelle Wolf, a certified coach, business owner and former farmers’ market manager.

Photo Galleries

We provide hundreds of high-quality photos of markets, produce and display around Ontario, free to use for promotional purposes.

View the photos.

Food Safety Matters

A manual for farmers’ market vendors, managers and staff.

This guide provides clear information, practices, tools and checklists for handling food intended for the farmers’ market safely, to minimize the risk of foodborne illness.

You can download the the complete 110-page manual or



What’s so great about farmers’ markets?

This short video gives 20 reasons why farmers’ markets are great for foodies, families, farmers, communities, the economy and the environment, using photographs of local farmers’ markets across Ontario. Produced by Farmers’ Markets Ontario®.

Come for the freshness. Stay for the fun.

Why are farmers’ markets so popular? This short video uses photographs to show why the farmers’ market experience is so deliciously fresh and addictively fun. Produced by Farmers’ Markets Ontario®.