FMO Membership Types and Fees

A ‘Farmers’ Market’ is a seasonal, multi-vendor, community-driven (not private) organization selling agricultural, food, art and craft products including home-grown produce, home-made crafts and value-added products where the MAJORITY OF vendors are primary producers (including preserves, baked goods, meat, fish, dairy products, etc.) Each member Farmers’ Market has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

A ‘Public Market’ is usually a municipally owned/operated (not private) year-round operation consisting of unique, specialty food and crafts merchants who sell some products they produce or grow themselves but who often sell items they buy from local producers or wholesalers. Public Markets usually include local producers during the growing season. Each member Public Market has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

A ‘Verified Local Farmers’ Market’ is defined as a producers-only, community-driven (not private) multi-vendor farmers’ market featuring only the actual farmers, growers and producers of the products they sell.  No reselling is permitted.  All vendors are verified and inspected and their production plans listing products and availability are monitored by FMO.  Each member has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

A ‘Neighbourhood Farmers’/Community Partnership Market’ is a community-driven (not private) multi-vendor seasonal or year-round market featuring primary producers and other vendors suited to the interests/needs of a particular neighbourhood or community (e.g. local prepared food makers, fair-trade and organic product vendors). Vendors may sell items they have not produced to enhance selection and keep the market viable year-round, thereby, increasing customer loyalty and sales of local storage crops, meats etc., however, farmers’, producers’ and growers’ own products take priority. Each Neighbourhood Farmers’/Community Partnership Market has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

Required Information

In order for FMO to consider a NEW Farmers’ Market member, we require the following:

  • Who is overseeing the market  (eg. Vendors’ Association, BIA, Chamber of Commerce, Town/City, etc.) NOTE:  A privately-owned farmers’ market does not qualify.
  • Copy of your Rules & Regulations
  • Copy of your Bylaws & Constitution (if applicable)
  • List of Board of Directors or Steering Committee Members
  • List of vendors and products sold, with complete address, telephone numbers & emails
  • Confirmation from your local Public Health that you meet the 51% farmers’ market assessment

The information will be reviewed by the Board.


1 – 25 vendors

$200 + $26.00 HST =


26 – 50 vendors

$350 + $45.50 HST =


51 – 75 vendors

$400.00+ $52.00 HST =


76 – 100 vendors

$450.00 + $58.50 HST =


100+ vendors

$500.00 + $65.00 HST =


For each additional increment of up to 25 vendors, increase fee by $50 + HST

Application Information

  • Privately owned farmers’ markets do not qualify for membership.
  • Public Health Confirmation Form must be submitted to FMO.
  • New applications will be reviewed within 1 week of submission by FMO.