Knowing Your Website Visitors

If you have a website, you absolutely need to set up Google Analytics. Analytics will help you access a wealth of information about your website including who visits your website and what content they see. And best of all, the service is free (although you may need a hand to create and install from your web services provider).

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics

  1. Automatic Collection of data.
    All you need to do is setup your Google Analytics account and copy a simple piece of code on your website. This will enable Google Analytics to start collecting data from your website automatically and make reports accordingly. You don’t have to perform any action to get the data. Analytics does all the work for you.
  2. Know Your Demographics and More.
    With Google Analytics, you can uncover valuable data about your audience. The audience section provides a lot of information about the people who visit your website like their age, gender, interests, devices, and location. You can learn valuable information such as:
    (i) Age: It is one of the best indicators of where your audience spends most of the time. Knowing the average age of your website audience can help you to optimize your website accordingly.
    (ii) Gender: The gender variable helps you to describe your audience. Audience’s gender plays an important role in how they communicate and engage online.
    (iii) Interests: With Google Analytics, you can understand the interests of your audience and can optimize your website in accordance with their interests.
    (iv) Device: Google Analytics also gives you views of what kind of device are they using. With this information, you can help your website get more responsive in various devices.
    (v) Location: Understanding where your customers come from helps you to formulate marketing strategies according to the physical location of your potential customers.
  3. Understand which Social Platforms Perform Best.
    With Google Analytics, you can access and view how your social media platforms catch the attention of the users and drive traffic to your website.
  4. Customized Reporting.
    A custom report is a report that you create. In analytics, you can choose one of the many reports that Google creates or can even build your own customized report using the drag and drop interface.
  5. Ability to Measure Internal Site Search.
    The internal site reveals what pages potential customers utilize on your website. It also reveals the area of growth opportunity by uncovering pages that don’t see much traffic that require change to make information more clear. Ultimately, this provides better insights of what people are searching for on your website.
  6. It has a very user-friendly interface.
  7. Its Free!

Here’s the link to help get started.

The bottom line is there are many reasons why using analytics tools is a no-brainer for digital marketers today. Web analytics can help you understand your customers better. It tells you who they are, where they’re coming from, and what their interests are. It tells you about their demographics and location. It also helps reveal any conversion challenges that might exist on your website. It helps you appreciate what consumers like or don’t like, and how they interact on your website. All things you need to know to help grow your sales.

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