You have many responsibilities that demand your time and expertise as a market manager.

Exceptional time management skills are essential when it comes to excelling in your role. The ability to effectively manage time will help you set and achieve your goals.


Here’s an ideal time management breakdown:

50% devoted to core function of the market, like interacting with vendors and customers

25% spent on marketing, like social media, writing press releases, communicating with local media and other initiatives that promote the market

15% allocated to admin-related activities, such budgeting, payroll and responding to e-mails

10% devoted to planning the next market day and setting goals for the upcoming week, month and year

When it comes to your marketing, admin and planning duties, there are a few main tips that will help you manage your time better in order to accomplish your tasks. After all, staying on top of these duties is what builds a successful market.

1. Use an agenda

While it may seem obvious, using an agenda is a simple time management tool that many people overlook. Using an agenda helps you plan out your days, weeks and months so that you always know what’s on the horizon. Having an idea of what’s in the future – when it comes to marketing, admin and planning – will make your role as market manager less stressful. Less stress means more productivity.

2. Write a to-do list

Along with using an agenda, writing a to-do list will give you a visual tool for prioritizing your tasks. You can focus on the things that are time-sensitive and pressing. You’ll be crossing things off your to-do list before you know it!

3. Set a timer

It can feel overwhelming when there are lots of tasks on your to-do list. Setting a timer on your phone (or simply keeping an eye on the clock) will help ensure you’re spending a reasonable amount of time on each task. This will help you stay focused without spending too much time on tasks that can be accomplished quickly.