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Michelle Dimoglou

“Farming is about building relationships with nature and people,” says Michelle Dimoglou. “Customers trust that I do what I say. Choosing heirloom vegetables grown from seeds that have been around for hundreds of years guarantees that you’re eating real food.” On market days, Michelle is up at 4am to ensure everything at her stall is freshly picked. With the help of her husband and 3 children, she plants, weeds, controls pests and harvests by hand. What began as a “nice family activity” transformed into a passion for local food and flavour that her customers truly appreciate.

heirloom varieties of tomatoes, beans, kale, onions (green, Spanish, red, white & yellow), beets, squash, peas, radish, peppers (sweet & hot), lettuce, mesclun, potatoes, swiss chard, pumpkins, spinach, herbs, cucumber, carrots, garlic, sweet potatoes & more

Location 65 Slanted Road, R.R. 1, Reaboro, Ont.
Buy & Savour Haliburton Farmers’ Market
Production Practices by hand, natural & sustainable practices, chemical-free, spray-free, use of heirloom organic seeds
Twitter  • 705-340-5837  •
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