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Esker Ridge Farm

Diane Webber & Paul Ainey

“It’s been a lifelong dream to have a country garden and grow my own vegetables,” says Dianne Webber, who fell in love with the growing process shortly after starting her first vegetable garden. Dianne now seeds, plants, weeds and controls pests on her 2 acres of land all by hand – a true labour of love. Not only is she dedicated to her own crops of rare and heirloom vegetables, but Dianne hopes to share her passion for growing quality food with young people. She says there’s nothing quite like the integrity of doing something well, which she and her husband Paul demonstrate every day through their own farm business.

9 varieties of potatoes (3 fingerlings & 2 heirloom), 15 rare & heirloom varieties of summer squash, garlic, bush beans, radish, Asian greens, collards, 13 varieties of lettuce (3 heirloom), 20 varieties of winter squash, 5 varieties of swiss chard, 3 varieties of kale, 30 rare & heirloom varieties of tomatoes

Location 404 Frankford-Stirling Road, Frankford, Ontario, K0K 2C0
Buy & Savour Pick Your Own, Liberty Village Farmers Market
Production Practices ecologically friendly, organic non certified.
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