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Wyl-Win Farm

Bonnie Wyllie & David Goodwin

I want people to understand what's in their food and how food is related to health. If we eat properly, health cost will go down. After 20 years in the business world - and a deeply felt absence from shared farming roots, my husband and I bought our farm and now devote 4 acres to growing produce naturally. Everything in our garden originates at home, where farming is just another term for reclaiming the ecosystem. We believe that markets and farm gate sales nurture a consumer connection that is vital to honest food production. We stand by the simple term that growing food that feeds the body is simply good for the soul.

Beans, Melons

Location 4th Line RR#3, Norwood Ontario, K0L 2V0
Buy & Savour Peterborough Farmers' Market (Saturdays) Peterborough, Ontario. Lakefield Farmers' Market (Thursdays) Lakefield, Ontario, Local Food CO-OP
Production Practices biodiversity, naturally grown produce, biological pest control, chemical-free growing practices
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