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Arc Acres

Amber Payne

Arc Acres practices regenerative, sustainable agriculture and provides the local Ottawa community with delicious, nutrient-rich grass fed beef and vegetables through a Community Supported Agriculture approach. The farm is situated on land that has been in our family for 4 generations, located 15 minutes south of Ottawa, in Manotick Station. On the farm, organic, biodynamic, and permaculture methods are practiced while taking a holistic approach to farming. Arc Acres creates the utmost highest quality food and food systems within our local communities while regenerating a healthier ecosystem by building life back into our soils and water into our aquifers through practicing intensive rotational grazing techniques that benefit the land, animals and community. Aiming to build a farm of many families!

Beans, Beef

Location 1538 Manotick Station Road, Greely Ontario, K4P 1K4
Buy & Savour Pick Your Own, Metcalfe Farmers' Market, Ottawa Farmers' Market, Metcalfe Farmers Market Ottawa Farmers Market, We have CSA pick up points at both the Metcalfe Farmers Market, Ottawa Farmers Market, Arc Acres and Riverside South in Manotick
Production Practices Non certified organic. Biodynamic Permaculture Compost, processed from our own cow manure is applied annually to our soils Comopst tea, fish emulsions, effective micro organisms and liquid kelp are applied through foliar applications and are incorporated in our garden practices as food and life for the soil. The garden soil is nourished with cover cropping, green manure, effective micro-organisms, seaminerals, rock dusts and crop rotations Homeopathic preparations, row covers and companion planting are used for pest control
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