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Dorland Farms

Justin and Jennifer Dorland

Dorland Farms is an 8th generation dairy farm. Our animals are growth stimulant and hormone free. Animal husbandry is our top priority, allowing us to produce top quality beef. The operation at Dorland Farms Ltd. includes about 400 acres both owned and rented, in addition to a dairy operation that sees 130 cows milked twice daily, each producing on average about 33.5 litres per day. “I am in an equal partnership with my mom and my dad, and have three other full-time employees,” Justin added. “My parents brought me into the business about two years ago, after I came home fulltime and we started transitioning the operation slowly over to me.” Looking back on his childhood, Justin recalls fun times had while working alongside his grandfathers. “I always had memories of working in the barn with them,” he said. “Whatever it was, even waiting there, you would talk to them about their experiences, why they did this and why they didn’t do something along the way. It was just another perspective and you learn through history.” As he prepares to take his family’s business into the future, he plans to face any challenges head on and change with the times.


Location 972 County Road 41 , Brighton Ontario, K0K1H0
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Production Practices Environmental Farm Plan
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