Top 10 Reasons About MyPick®

What does the MyPick® Verified Local
Farmer® logo really mean to shoppers?

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The MyPick® logo is your assurance that Farmers' Markets
Ontario® has visited the grower's farm and has verified not
only that the farm itself is "local" but that what the grower is
selling is produced on his or her farm. So you can feel good
knowing you're buying directly from the farmer–and are
doing your part to ensure the future of agriculture in your

Now they do, thanks to the MyPick® verification program from Farmers' Markets Ontario®. Now, when you see a vendor displaying a MyPick® sign, you can be sure you're getting just–picked
freshness from the grower's own farm, and are helping support local agriculture.

What does MyPick® mean to authentic
local farmers?

The MyPick® logo helps level the playing field for family
farmers trying to compete with resellers who try to pass off
cheap food terminal sell–offs as just-picked, farm–fresh food.
Shoppers come to farmers' markets to buy from genuine
farmers. Now they'll know who they are.

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Are you a farmer who may qualify for MyPick?
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