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OtonaBEE Apiary

Astrid Manske, Dave Moffat, Ryssa, Keiton & Skye

“Our honey is exactly as the BEES make it, not pasteurized or processed in any way,” says Astrid as she describes her family’s 600 hive apiary. Raised on the farm that is their ‘headquarters’, Dave began with a few hives and over time has developed the largescale professional operation that is OtonaBEE Apiary. Key players in crop pollination, bees are currently struggling against serious threats. To survive, perpetuate their species and produce a honey harvest, they require the support of their keepers. “It’s a sticky business,” notes Astrid, a fiercely committed protector of the millions of bees in the OtonaBEE hives.

liquid & creamed clover & buckwheat honey, honey butter, honey stix, honeycomb, honey lemonade, bulk beeswax & candles, bee photo-cards, wedding favours, pollination services, bee packages

Location 2010 Cameron Line, Indian River, ON, K0L 2B0
Buy & Savour farm gate (year-round), Peterborough Farmers’ Market
Production Practices not pasteurized or processed, refillable or ‘bring-your-own’ containers
Twitter  • 705 295-4354  •
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