Make sure you qualify before you apply. Eligibility criteria in detail

How to make sure you qualify as a MyPick®
Verified Local Farmer®

Download Criteria: Click here to download the eligibility critera.

The MyPick® program certifies farmers selling products in three categories:

1. Primary Products These are the classic items most people expect to find at a farmers' market: fresh, unprocessed fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, plants and nuts, honey and maple syrup, graded eggs, fresh or frozen meat and fish, herbs and mushrooms are all considered primary products.

2. Secondary products Products falling into this category must meet the following three conditions:

  • The "defining ingredient" is grown and/or produced and processed on the farm by the farmer.
  • The first ingredient on the label or a minimum of 51% of the product by weight, measured prior to processing, is grown and/or produced by the farmer. (confirmed by the recipe & processor receipts) for products processed off-farm
  • The product must be in compliance with all regulations and there must be evidence of appropriate inspection (by health and/or other authorities)

3. Ready-to-eat "Fast Food" This category is slightly more difficult to monitor, and so goods must be agreed upon by the host partners. Coffee and tea obtained on a wholesale basis from an established business and sold by the market or by a community group as a fundraiser is permissible. Similarly, unique sandwiches like venison on a bun will generally be allowed, as long as the main ingredient (in this case, venison) falls under the requirements for a secondary product.

To apply: Click here to apply online. An email address is required to submit your application on-line. If you don't have an email address, please call 1-800-387-3276 to receive a paper application by Canada Post.

But, only apply if you're sure you qualify because there is a charge for knowingly wasting our inspectors' time. If you're in doubt, call, email or fax us using the information on our Contact page.

Are you a farmer who may qualify for MyPick?
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