//Javascript UniVAL Resources WDG_Messages = {}; WDG_Messages['the_mask_is'] = 'The mask is:'; WDG_Messages['the_format_is'] = 'Please insert only numbers'; WDG_Messages['also_floats'] = ', including floats'; WDG_Messages['also_negatives'] = ', including negatives'; WDG_Messages['the_format_is'] = 'Please insert only numbers'; WDG_Messages['max_character_number'] = 'Maximum number of characters reached!'; WDG_Messages['the_date_format_is'] = 'The date format is:'; WDG_Messages['calendar_button'] = '...'; WDG_Messages['rte_maximum_reached'] = 'Maximum number of characters reached!'; WDG_Messages['dyn_add_label_text'] = 'Add this'; WDG_Messages['dyn_are_you_sure_text'] = 'Are you sure you want to add the \'%s\' element to the database?'; WDG_Messages['dyn_submit_text'] = 'Some data you entered is not in the database. Shall we submit it first?'; WDG_Messages['dyn_default_option_text'] = 'Please select';