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Membership Application 2018 (Draft)

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We hereby apply for membership in Farmers' Markets Ontario® under the following class of membership.
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Farmers' Market "Farmers' Market" is a seasonal, multi-vendor, community-driven (not private) organization selling agricultural, food, art and craft products including home-grown produce, home-made crafts and value-added products where the MAJORITY OF vendors are primary producers (including preserves, baked goods, meat, fish, dairy products, etc.) Each member Farmers' Market has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

Public Market "Public Market" is usually a municipally owned/operated (not private) year-round operation consisting of unique, specialty food and crafts merchants who sell some products they produce or grow themselves but who often sell items they buy from local producers or wholesalers. Public Markets usually include local producers during the growing season. Each member Public Market has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

Neighbourhood Farmers'/Community Partnership Market "Neighbourhood Farmers'/Community Partnership Market" is a community driven (not private) multi-vendor seasonal or year-round market featuring primary producers and other vendors suited to the interests/needs of a particular neighbourhood or community (e.g. local prepared food makers, fair-trade and organic product vendors). Vendors may sell items they have not produced to enhance selection and keep the market viable year-round, thereby, increasing customer loyalty and sales of local storage crops, meats etc., however, farmers', producers' and growers' own products take priority. Each Neighbourhood Farmers'/Community Partnership Market has a vote at a meeting of the General Membership.

Market Membership
Vendors Fee HST Total
1 - 25 $175.00 $22.75 $197.75
26 - 50 $300.00 $39.00 $339.00
51 - 75 $350.00 $45.50 $395.50
76 - 100 $400.00 $52.00 $452.00
101+ (add $50.00 for each increment of up to 25 vendors) $450.00 $58.50 $508.50
Associate Membership Fee HST Total
Individual $125.00 $16.25 $141.25
Market $200.00 $26.00 $226.00
Organizational/Corporate $300.00 $39.00 $339.00

Current number of vendors in your Farmers' Market:

No. Vendors:    0   
As a bona fide applicant for Farmers' Market membership, we certify that the number of vendors is accurate.

 (save before proceeding to insurance appplication)

Farmers' Market Insurance Application
1 June, 2018 — 1 June, 2019

Underwritten by the Co-operators
Policy #003028474 (Commercial General Liability; Property coverage; Blanket Accident and Crime Coverages)

Please identify if you would also like to apply for Market Insurance this year.

Yes, we would like to apply for market insurance
No thank you
Name of Farmers' Market Group: *
Name of Farmers' Market: *
Contact Name: *
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Contact City: *
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Contact Fax:
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Insured Market Locations

Please Save Your Application Now
Edit/Delete Market Location Market Dates Market Hours Num Vendors

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Important Note:
Additional location premium depends on the number of vendors and is available only if all the same vendors as your first location. If not, calculate premium as shown in the insurance rates table below.

Number of vendors expected at the farmers' market: *
(Based on your membership application)

Is your market a newly-organized farmers' market in 2018?

Yes, 2018 is our first market year
No, our market has operated in past years

The following question is applicable only if your market has operated in past years and is NOT a member of FMO?

Has your market had any accidents, incidents or insurance claims over the past three years?
No or N/A
If you selected 'Yes' above, please provide details of any accidents, incidents or insurance claims:

Please provide the name, address and telephone number of your previous insurance company:

Does the value of your farmers' market association's physical assets such as tents; canopies; buildings; signs; tables exceed $35,000?
No or N/A
If yes, please provide asset details and values. A premium will be calculated and sent to you for your consideration.

Market Special Events

Add a Special Event
Edit/Delete Event Name Event Location Event Date Event Hours

No Special Events Created

Insurance Rates

Rates are calculated based on your FMO membership application submitted. If numbers change upwards, premium will have to be adjusted.

HST is not calculated on premiums. Fee does not include PST which will be added to your invoice.

First Market Location
1 - 25 vendors $630.00
26 - 50 vendors $950.00
Over 50 vendors $1,265.00

Additional Market Locations

(These reduced rates for additional locations apply only if you have the same roster of vendors, otherwise the premium is calculated as a separate market and premiums shown above apply)
1 - 25 vendors $315.00
26 - 50 vendors $475.00
Over 50 vendors $633.00

Premium Calculations
Premium Total: $0.00
PST: $0.00
Total Amount: $0.00

Membership Status: Draft
Membership Class: Farmers' Market
Your annual membership fee is $0.00 + $0.00(HST) = $0.00
Your annual insurance premium = $0.00 + $0.00(PST) = $0.00
Total Due: $0.00

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